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Sports Talk July 8, 2014

Germany routed Brazil in a World Cup semifinal match today. Also, a look at the night’s top stories from the MLB.

Sports Talk July 7, 2014

Here’s tonight’s MLB schedule. Yesterday, the lineups for the 2014 All-Star Game were announced. What do you think of it?

Sports Talk Episode 82

Blaine Dudgeon joins the show once again to give a recap of recent events in the FIFA World Cup, especially the US Men’s victory over Ghana.

Sports Talk Episode 81

The FIFA World Cup is here, and Blaine Dudgeon joins us to give his input about what to expect from the US, Brazil, and others playing this weekend.

Sports Talk Episode 80

Today’s MLB, NBA, and NHL schedules.

Sports Talk Episode 79

Some suspensions were handed down by the MLB today after Sunday’s bench-clearing brawl. Listen to find out who it is and for how long.

Sports Talk Episode 78

MLB, NHL, and NBA schedules. Enjoy the weekend!

Sports Talk Episode 77

Today’s MLB schedule with the NHL playoff schedule.

Sports Talk Episode 76

Today’s MLB and NBA schedules.

Sports Talk Episode 75

A review of the NCAA Men’s Championship Game last night.