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The Perfect Score “Prison Break” Episode 58

Sound the alarm cause there’s a prison break on the Perfect Score. Featuring the soundtracks of popular prison break movies  Cool Hand Luke, The Shawshank Redemption, The Great Escape and Papillon. Get ready as we dig, escape, and get chased listening to this extraordinary music with hosts Matt Voelkel and Erik Olson.

The Perfect Score “A Pirate’s Life” Episode 57

Steer your ship to The Perfect Score for a treasure hunt of pirate movie soundtracks like the Pirates of the Caribbean films, Hook, The Buccaneer, Disney’s Peter Pan, Captain Blood, and Cutthroat Island. Bring your crew along to listen to The Perfect Score with host Erik Olson and Matt Voelkel

The Perfect Score “Great Depression” Episode 56

During the Great Depression record companies and radio stations discovered an enormous hunger for uplifting homey sounds. From blues guitarists to harmonica men … hear the film scores to O Brother Where Art Thou?, Paper Moon, and Get Low.

The Perfect Score “X-Men Trilogy” Episode 55

This episode features the film scores to the X-Men trilogy. You’ll hear Michael Kamen’s score to the first X-Men, John Ottman’s to X2 X-Men United and John Powell’s score to X-Men the Last Stand.

The Perfect Score “Baseball” Episode 54

To celebrate the beginning of baseball seasion Matt Voelkel and Ian Makechnie play music from classic baseball films like Moneyball, The Natural, 42, and The Santlot. Tune in to hear your favorite music from baseball movies on this episode of The Perfect Score. 

The Perfect Score “The Artist”

Join Erik Olson as he plays the film score to the 2011 silent film The Artist. Hear the Academy Award winning score along with trivia about the movie.

The Perfect Score “Nazi-Germany” Episode 53

On this episode of The Perfect Score, Erik and Ian play film scores about Nazi Germany from films like The Book Thief, others on Nazi resistance efforts like Monuments Men and Valkyrie and satire films of Hitler and the Nazi party like The Great Dictator and The Producers. Tune in for another journey across Hollywood’s wide range of film scores on The Perfect Score.

The Perfect Score “Tron / Oblivion” Episode 52

Erik Olson and Ian Makechnie host this episode featuring the soundtracks to Tron: Legacy and Oblivion. Two scores with an electronic symphonic sound by the musical groups Daft Punk and  M83.

The Perfect Score “Inception”

Enjoy the music from Christopher Nolan’s Inception as you hear Hans Zimmer’s score for a dream within a dream plus movie trivia.

The Perfect Score “Muppets Sequel” Episode 51

Join Erik Olson and Ian Makechnie as they host a sequel episode of The Perfect Score featuring the Muppets and music from their new film Muppets Most Wanted.