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The Perfect Score “Humphrey Bogart” Episode 88

Humphrey Bogart is considered to be one of the best leading men in Hollywood history. He played in many classic films such as Casablanca, The Caine Mutiny, The Treasure of the Sierra Madre and others. Enjoy the film scores to these movies and more on this great episode!

The Perfect Score “James Horner” Episode 87

Join Erik Olson to hear film music composed by James Horner. Hear selections from A Beautiful Mind, Titanic, The Perfect Storm and more. Bring your own popcorn and join us at the movies on The Perfect Score.

The Perfect Score “Atonement & A Very Long Engagement” Episode 86

Listen to the fantastic, rich, dark music of Atonement and A Very Long Engagement. These beautiful works by Dario Marianelli and Angelo Badalamenti are true masterpieces.

The Perfect Score “Jane Austen” Episode 85

Enjoy the beautiful music used to recreate the world of Jane Austen and her literary works with selections from Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Mansfield Park, and Pride & Prejudice.

The Perfect Score “Russia” Episode 84

Russians have had an interesting past of being good guys and bad guys. Enjoy the music from The Hunt for Red October, Enemy at the Gates, Alexander Nevsky, and K19: The Widowmaker. This beautiful episode will keep you riveted from start to finish.

The Perfect Score “Into the Wild” Episode 83

All of the movies in this episode have similar sounding laid-back soundtracks that feature current performers such as Eddie Vedder and Pearl Jam, Marcus Mumford, Jose Gonzalez, and Of Monsters and Men. With music from Into the Wild, The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, Inside Llweyn Davis, and Big Fish, you’ll want to lay back and relax this this gem of an episode.

The Perfect Score “Gettysburg”

This 1993 film portrayed the the bloodiest battles in the Civil War and featured a passionate score by Randy Edelman.

The Perfect Score “Modern Warfare” Episode 82

Join The Perfect Score as we remember those who serve our nation, featuring the scores of Act of Valor, Black Hawk Down, Lone Survivor, and Zero Dark Thirty.

The Perfect Score “Fourth of July” Episode 81

It’s Independence Day, and to celebrate, we’re playing music from The Patriot, Lincoln, and other patriotic film scores. Celebrate your liberty with The Perfect Score!

The Perfect Score “Star Wars Trilogy” Episode 80

In a radio station not so far away Erik Olson and Joe Lawless host an episode playing the film scores to the original Star Wars trilogy. Bring your own popcorn and join them at the movies on The Perfect Score.